Thursday, October 27, 2016

Fall '16

We are enjoying a pretty peaceful fall in these parts. The highlights these past few weeks have mainly been school, soccer, and sisters, with a first birthday party thrown in the mix.

Asher is an adorable, albeit large, first grader these days. We are now to the point that when Andrew puts away laundry, my jeans are regularly placed in Asher's drawer, and vice versa. I'm guessing he'll be my height by about age 11. He is a fun-loving boy who sometimes talks and plays too much (genetics happen), but is doing very well academically. He has taken to self-encouragement on his school papers, lately - saving his teacher a step. 

The irony of this being a spelling paper was not lost on us. :)

Preston's fall soccer season was filled with highs, lows, and flat on the grounds. 

Sometimes it's a perfect sunny day, and you're kickin' it with your best friend.

Sometimes it's drizzly and cold, your best friend is out of town, and you're just not feelin' it. Your limbs lose all strength and you go overcooked-noodle-limp.

Sometimes you repeatedly storm off-field, cross your arms and act unresponsive to your extremely nice coach. Maintaining pill status takes commitment, and you're no quitter, after all. 

Except when it comes to soccer.

 But sometimes the sun breaks through the clouds as well as your resolve. Strength surges back into your limbs and you triumphantly kick a goal in the final game.

Your paparazzi parents force you to face the blinding sun, but you don't care. You've got your best friends, your very first medal and a Rice Krispy Treat. 

It was a roller coaster, but we'll probably be back to ride next year.

On October 1st, sweet little Rhett became a yearling. We had a "Time Flies"  party theme with little airplanes, and invited family over to celebrate with us. 

I always thought Rhett favored Andrew until I saw this picture. 

Aunts a plenty

After making Rhett's airplane cookies, I used the extra dough and icing to make desserts that looked like other desserts. 

The royal icing technique takes a lot of time, but I love getting better at something new! You don't mind messing up as much when your mistakes are delicious.

Hannah came in from Canada and suddenly there were 4 White sisters all together. Spending time with them is always like heaven to me. 

This is what a "good" family picture has been reduced to these days. 

Hannah didn't quite get to stay a week, but we loved getting to have her. She and I are probably the most alike out of any two in our family, and I will keep crossing my fingers that someday she and Spencer will live close someday!

These sunny fall days continue to come and we'll sure miss them when they're gone. 

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