Monday, June 26, 2017

A Post

Okay, so this poor blog has been reduced to uploading whatever pics happen to be on my phone and giving a quick synopsis of life. But hey. Seasons of life, am I right? 

Here is a little update on what's going on with each of us. 

Asher - This big, handsome boy is loving being home for the summer. He continues to excel academically and has been helpful and much more of a peacemaker at home lately. He started piano lessons a few months ago, and although he isn't enthusiastic about them, loves teaching himself songs from favorite movies by ear. He plays those anthems incessantly! He is also in his first summer of machine-pitch baseball, which he is lukewarm on, but fun to watch.

Preston - This hilarious kid is loving regular play dates, mornings at the Y and will start preschool at Crestwood Baptist this fall. He has an artistic mind (loves to draw, has an expert eye for visual similarities, and is always best at name that tune), is usually very sweet and agreeable, but is still always ready with the stink face when something or someone displeases him. Still hoping he somehow grows out of that, because it's made for some uncomfortable moments with strangers.

Rhett - The 20-month old is as cute as they come, but trashes our house on a daily basis. He is our first climber and fast as lightning. He'll be at my feet one moment, and then on the counter dumping out a bowl of cereal the next. He is very good-natured, until you take something he enjoys away, or refuse to let him play in the street. The toddler loves to wrestle with his brothers, and is ultra-cuddly and affectionate. 

Andrew - Andrew is working HARD. He no longer does vision exams, only medical, and sees an average of 50 patients a day. I think his record is 67, and that's a TON - especially when the cases are  often complicated ones that have been referred out by other doctors. But he feels so fortunate to be doing what he truly loves within a thriving practice! Yesterday he was released from his calling as Young Men's president at church and we are anxious (and not so anxious) to see where he'll serve next. He had a week off work in mid-June, and we loved getting to visit Ali (his twin sister) and Bryan in Savannah. We LOVE that place! 

Sarah - I'm doing pretty well. It's summer time, so my workload has increased with all the kids home. The kitchen is a lot busier (messier), and there are lots of little squabbles to break up, but I feel so thankful for Calypso Cove, the Y, the zoo, and BATS games to get us out of the house. I am also working my Rodan+Fields business, which can be hard, but is SO rewarding. It is the last thing I would have ever gotten into on my own (I hate anything sales), but bummer skin and a grad school loan were motivation enough to explore it. The experience for me has now gone far beyond a paycheck or skincare into a realm of relationships and personal development. I don't like the thought of being part of the online "Buy this!" cacophony, but do love helping people find increased confidence and peace of mind. It's totally worth the risk of seeming like "that" person. 

My sister Amy and I are driving with the boys to Oklahoma next week. We'll visit my mom, grandma and sister, and Hannah and Spencer will be down from Canada at the same time - huge bonus! We'll get back to Kentucky Friday night and then Andrew and I will head to Chicago the next morning for a whirlwind anniversary/birthday trip. My in-laws will be staying with the boys, and folks, traveling childless is as luxurious as it gets these days. Andrew blew me away by purchasing Hamilton tickets, and I am so excited to share that experience with him and enjoy seeing the sites and eating at restaurants with no one crying or climbing on tables!

I should probably not write while feeling tired and apathetic - but an update is an update! Here are some old pics I uploaded into this post a short SIX MONTHS AGO. Hahaha, I need a nap and an extra couple hours each day. :)

Bennett and Bloom Christmas party 

This sweet thumb-sucking baby LOVES his daddy.

Documenting trading my high school Civic in for Andrew's Acura. It actually made me shed a tear or two and I still miss it a little. New chapters!

Okay, I will write a better post next time when my heart is in it to make up for this one. Life is good, even if my blogging isn't. :)

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